Residential Services


  •   Enhancement of independent leisure skills      
  •   Development of daily living skills
  •   Participation in community clubs/ organizations

ISN's Residential supports offers three models.  Each of the following models provides for the individual with at least one support person.  They prepare meals together, eat together, and participate in holidays, vacations and all "family" activities together.  Each model allows for the support of the individual emotionally and teaches him/her the skills necessary to live a life based on quality and independence.  In all residential settings, normalcy and independence are the key.  We teach the individual to be as independent as possible.  We encourage the individual to learn and grow with the level of assistance required; ISN's goal is to meet each person's specific needs.  No two people are the same, as such each individual is treated with respect, compassion, and understanding.  Living life like anyone without disabilities is important.

Enhanced Family Care Individualized residential sites that place an individual with a caring family, provider or roommate.  These programs are either developed to place the individual receiving services in the home and family of a provider(s), or place the provider/roommate in the home of the individual.  Some individuals have apartments that they maintain and providers/roommates move into the individual's home. 

Peer Roommates  Individuals who have a close relationship with a peer may choose to have that peer live with them in an adult foster care setting.  Similar to the EFC, this model is developed to provide individuals with a natural roommate situation.  These two individuals would work together with the assistance of a provider family or single provider to develop skills that will be needed for greater independence.

Individual Service Options for Children  We serve children who are in the custody of the Division of Children, Youth and Families that may be served using the above mentioned models.

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