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Philosophy & Key Principles

The mission of the ISN clinical staff and consultants is to work with individuals so that they can progress and ultimately reach their fullest potential. To do this effectively we work with the concept of self-determination. All individuals are given choices and make decisions which positively influence their lives. Understanding the perspectives of the individuals and empathizing with their feelings and concerns, increases the likelihood that the opportunities provided will appropriately challenge them to develop their skills and abilities. Ultimately, a setting which rewards choice-making leads to increased empowerment. This in turn will enhance the success of clinical strategies.

The following basic principles guide our efforts in working with consumers and staff:

Applied Behavior Analysis can be used in a caring and systematic manner to promote development of appropriate responses to situations and environments. Behavior is learned, and can be changed through careful implementation of strategies which encourage pro-social behaviors.

Least restrictive environment is utilized at all times.

Effective communication is critical. Virtually all individuals can communicate with others. Improving upon an individual's communication skills through the use of a computer, verbal, sign language and/or nonverbal teaching methods, creates an environment that permits greater understanding, choice and empathy.
ISN has a history of successfully serving individuals with a variety of needs and challenges in residential, vocational, educational and community settings. For more information contact Gustavo Moral at:






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