ISO Foster Care Program

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ISN works collaboratively with the Division of Children, Youth and Families and the Department of Juvenile Justice Services to recruit foster and adoptive parents to meet the variety of needs of children and adolescents who come into care.

ISN serves children and adolescents in foster care from a variety of families with diverse backgrounds.† These children typically range in age from 10 to 21.

Our goal is to design creative programs that meet the individual needs of the children and adolescents in our care.

ISN offers the following basic services:

In-Home Supports:

For children and adolescents requiring intensive support in the familyís home.† These temporary services are designed to develop and enhance the childís family and natural supports to decrease the likelihood of an out-of-home placement.

Therapeutic Foster Care:

For children and adolescents removed from their biological homes due to abuse and/or neglect.† These youth require specialized foster care and therapeutic treatment services including:† clinical oversight, counseling, case management, advocacy, and on-call residential support.


A continuum of support and preparation for adulthood by providing a permanent family connection for the child or adolescent.

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